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Satyaraksha is a full service Indian law firm offering advisory, dispute resolution and Trademark services. The firm advises a diverse clientele including various domestic firms and corporations, banks and financial institutions, promoter groups and public sector undertakings.

Satyaraksha was formed in 2021 and now has 3 Partners and 12 lawyers at its Head office at New Delhi making it one of the fastest growing firms of the country. We have dedicated practice desks in other Indian cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc. and other strategic alliances in order to provide our clients result oriented legal services.

With rich experience and business acumen we emphasize on strategic commercial solutions to maximize our client’s business interests.

Team Satyaraksha always welcome diversity in its workforce. We take great pride in having a strong multi-ethnic and multi-cultural representation amongst our members and believe in gender equality.

We are a flexible, breathing firm that has been constantly adapting and evolving its role to meet the current business environment and community needs.

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